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Your wedding entertainment can take up approx 1/3 of your entire wedding day. On average just 5% of your wedding budget is set aside for this important aspect of your day, a relatively small amount compared to most other wedding services. Why leave your entertainment to chance? If you book a DJ on price alone, it is very likely they will not live up to your expectations. So it is vital that your chosen supplier can demonstrate a proven track record in this field.
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With over 20 years experience of providing first rate discos to some of Dorset and Hampshire’s most prestigious venues and with so many testimonials from delighted previous clients, I can confidently claim to give you peace of mind and take all the stress out of organising the music.

What to Except on the Wedding Day

On the day, I will arrive in plenty of time to set up equipment. This normally takes no more than 40 minutes depending on the equipment required, good access to the venue etc. I realise that quite often there is a fairly small window of time for the DJ to set up; with that in mind,  I have spent years perfecting this, by careful planning and design of the equipment I can probably set up quicker than most without compromising the overall presentation. I’ve heard of some DJs who take a couple of hours to set up. This is all very well but they are eating into your dancing time, so it’s definitely a consideration.
In some cases, the disco equipment can be set up during the day before you arrive at the venue (this will need to be pre-arranged, I don't however charge any extra for this in our local area). 
Based on the majority of previous functions at which I have played, the music tends to start around 7.30pm, maybe some subtle background music to begin with whilst your evening guests arrive and mingle. Whenever you are ready, I will announce your First Dance, and following that, the general wedding disco begins! For most wedding discos, a wide range of musical styles are covered during the evening to keep all your guests happy. I do however remember it isyour special day, I welcome your playlists and requests (more about playlists below) and will work out sets to combine your selections with my proven dance floor fillers. Generally the evening is rounded off with a slow dance or two followed by a grand finale and goodnight. Remember, this is just an example based on what has proven popular with past clients. Any part of the arrangements can be tailored to your specific needs, so please let me know your ideas and I'll be happy to help.

The Perfect Wedding Playlist

The Perfect Wedding Playlist" text to read "All good wedding DJs should be able to incorporate a playlist with a reasonable selection of requests into the evening. The idea of this part of the page is not to tell you what music to pick but to offer an insight into what makes a great list and to help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls. Over the years, I have had mostly brilliant playlists from my clients, but I also have had a few that simply did not work on the day. In these instances, I’ve normally managed to turn things around so everyone has had a good time, but how much better would it have been to play a great playlist from the start. Here are my top tips to help you achieve just that!
1. If you are unsure of what music to pick don't worry, you can leave song selection up to me. With years of experience we know just how to read the dance floor and give everyone a great time.
2. When planning your playlist, consider if the songs you are listing are good to dance to. This may sound obvious, but often songs that are great to listen to maybe in the car or on the radio are impossible to dance to.
3. Think of your guests and what they may like, try not to exclude any age groups. If all your guests have been up dancing, they will go away at the end of the night saying "what a great party" and will remember your special occasion for years to come.
4. Unless you are really confident your guests will enjoy it, avoid anything too specialist – although it is your wedding and it’s only right for you to have the music you love, if you are the only one on the dance floor, you probably won't be having a good time.
5. If there are any songs you would prefer me not to play, do let me know. I would hate for example to play a song that reminded you of a previous relationship or maybe a sad occasion etc.
6. It’s become popular to allow guests to choose their favourite songs responding to their wedding invites. This can work really well but don't forget to remind your guests to choose a 'dance' song. I have noticed a tendency for people to choose their favourite slow song or possibly their own wedding first dance. This is all well and good, but just imagine how unworkable it would become if you had say 30 slow song requests! Don't be afraid to make subtle substitutions for any songs you feel aren’t suitable.
I hope this helps you plan your perfect playlist; do feel free to get in touch with any specific music queries.

Parley Manor

In 2006 I was delighted to be asked to become a Parley Manor partner; as such I am the recommended supplier of discos for this wonderful venue. Suppliers in the Partner scheme are only selected when they have really stood out in offering a top quality service and excellent value for money. The performance of all partners is closely monitored via customer feedback. 

Many other disco companies claim to be the recommended supplier for this venue however this is simply not true. The Gem Roadshow is the only mobile disco approved by the Parley Manor management.

I offer a very special deal in conjunction with Parley Manor for their mid-week package, please call or email for details.
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